ThirdBorn (single)

by Jack Griffin

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I started writing this song when I was about 12 to 13 years old, only to finally finish it late in 2012 at the age of 19. It means a lot to me. So I chose to release it on its own; as a single in an interesting, avant garde-like production approach.

The song is a hypothetical scenario; the concept of a saviour (Jesus, Allah, Muhammed - what ever god you believe in, if any) returning to earth as we know it today and not being recognised as a second, or in the case of the hypothetical - a third, coming of a messiah/prophet.
Unrecognised by the modern civilised world as a God or saviour, the child (who in this case is female), is born from an uncaring and irresponsible mother who leaves the child at the steps of a junky's door (for repayment, a resentment, a reflection of the power of abandonment, it is all very open to interpretation) - The intelligent (wise) mortal men at the door.
The girl saviour grows up in a world depicted as a sinking ship. She is represented as 'just another' fatherless daughter, whose father left long before she was born - this particular girl's father being 'the one true god' - which is also (quite popularly) open to interpretation.
By the end of the song, her malcontent regard for the world and her not only female perspective but also from the perspective of someone less fortunate than others, causes her to release a 'woman's wrath', ensnaring the planet in her rapture as the entire human race looks on at their recent spiritual superficiality, procrastination and ignorance as it it all slowly succumbs to the will of the prophetess.


Cold & alone, she lays in a basket.
Her previous owner thought her too much of a task.
But who could have known that the daughter of God
Laid on the steps of a drug dealer's house?

Its up for debate; about weathering this tidal state.
Helms deep its swimming in blissful decay.
(Oh Hell) Whats one more day? Whats one more day.
The most irate display.

These intelligent mortals greeted by the door.
Wanting more, asking for the girl they've been after.
But for the last of divine, a father, who left long ago...

...From the world that she knows.
Her father (father!) left so long ago from the world that she loathes.
Hell. She's got a rapture & men in its throes.

Her delicate hand raised.
"Well I've been a trial of human error!" - Pleads case.
Watch her now wipe the west. Could you have ever guessed,
That little wide eyed, wired whore was a God forsaken saviour?

(Oh) Let me hear you say, let her see you pray.
Praying, "I've been a loyal non-believer up until today!" Well...
Let her see you pray. She's singing,
"You've been such a non-believer up until today.
Well now is the time to pray".


released March 29, 2013
Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums - Jack Griffin
Lyrics and Music - Composed, Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jack Griffin
Drums recorded at Mastering Engineer, Tom Bomford's home studio.




Jack Griffin Melbourne, Australia

Jack has been a singer/songwriter for over a decade, performing either solo or in bands in front of packed out venues all over Australia and abroad since the ripe age of 10.
Having featured on Italy's MTV, Australia's Toasted TV & Triple J's JTV, Jack's fan base stretches from Mexico to Sweden.
He now produces/performs/mixes/masters his material in his home studio

Pay attention to the lyrics - JG
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