Shipping and return policies for Jack Griffin

Shipping Info
Everything I do, I DO.
This means that I am the producer, the promoter, the booker, the distributer, the musician, the manufacturer, the manager, the merch designer, etc.
I don't make a lot of money. Consequently, there can be delays in getting merchandise to your door. This is because, sometimes, the costs of doing so can well exceed my bank balance. Regardless, I make a point of getting the product out before I pursue anything else. So I am very apologetic if you have to wait!
But please know that if you do find yourself waiting for longer than you'd anticipated, your product is coming ASAP & i haven't forgotten you! :)
More often than not, if you've been waiting for a while, I send extra goodies for free as a thank you for your patience and support.
Thanks for supporting me in my musical endeavours. I'm always up for a chat or available for shows, just email me @

- Jack