Circular Mill

by Jack Griffin

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    With some songs having begun their construction over 6 years ago or more, the long awaited debut album of the singer/songwriter from Cooroy, Queensland, has finally arrived.
    Jack's 13 track whirlwind of rock and experimental sounds, aptly named CIRCULAR MILL is a medly of soft acoustic songs and heavy rock jams that bases its theme from the insect phenomenon of death through repetition.

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- An ant mill is an observed phenomenon in which a group of army ants separated from the main foraging party lose the pheromone track and begin to follow one another, forming a continuously rotating circle. The ants will eventually die of exhaustion. This has been reproduced in laboratories and the behaviour has also been produced in ant colony simulations. This phenomenon is a side effect of the self-organizing structure of ant colonies. Each ant follows the ant in front of it, and this will work until something goes wrong and an ant mill forms. An ant mill was first described by William Beebe in 1921 who observed a mill 1,200 feet (365 m) in circumference. It took each ant 2.5 hours to make one revolution. Similar phenomena have been noted in processionary caterpillars and fish.


released March 9, 2014

All songs produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Jack Griffin.
All songs Composed & Arranged by Jack Griffin. All Lyrics written by Jack Griffin.

Broken Man & Me
Leonard SMASH Barker on Drums.
Jack Griffin on Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Percussion, Vox & Bass.

Leonard SMASH Barker on Drums.
Jack Griffin on Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vox & Bass.

Leonard SMASH Barker on Drums.
Jack Griffin on Rhythm Guitar, Vox & Bass.

Jack Griffin on Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Vox & Bass.

Mr Winter
Jack Griffin on Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Percussion, Vox & Bass.

Lesser Terrestrial
Jonathan Mitchell on Drums.
Jack Griffin on Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vox & Bass.

Tapestry Of The Heart
Jack Griffin on Rhythm Guitar & Percussion.
Glen Davidson on Bass.

The News
Jack Griffin on Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Vox & Bass.

Cheeky Tiger
Jonathan Mitchell on Drums.
Jack Griffin on Rhythm Guitar, Vox & Bass.

Jack Griffin on Drums, Rhythm Guitar & Vox.
Peter Simonsen on Lead Guitar.
Glen Davidson on Double Bass.
Nathan Holt on Trumpet.

Leonard SMASH Barker on Drums
Jack Griffin on Rhythm Guitar & Bass.

Thirdborn (Acoustic)
Jack Griffin on Rhythm Guitar, Vox & Bass.

Ocean; Inertia
Jack Griffin on Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Vox & Bass




Jack Griffin Melbourne, Australia

Jack has been a singer/songwriter for over a decade, performing either solo or in bands in front of packed out venues all over Australia and abroad since the ripe age of 10.
Having featured on Italy's MTV, Australia's Toasted TV & Triple J's JTV, Jack's fan base stretches from Mexico to Sweden.
He now produces/performs/mixes/masters his material in his home studio

Pay attention to the lyrics - JG
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Track Name: Broken Man & Me
I go searching for this old house down a vision street
with a broken mouth.
Eyes to the screen.
Tell me, what do you see? What do you see?
A broken man and me.

When we see our young gripped in its hands,
Why turn and run instead of taking the stand?

Felt like the sun, the warmth of demand;
A sweet sting of fun from the good times that we'd have.

Can't you tell me where we might go to be alone?
Can't you tell me! Where we might go, to be alone.

Felt like the sun, the warmth of demand;
A sweet sting of fun from the good times that we've had.
Track Name: Cassiopieae
In a house on fire, in the middle of the living room
Is a box filled with all the ignorance of fools
Well I went your way.
Following your childish steps all the way,
when I know your name.
Well hold close. We're going to burn. We're going to burn.
Well hold close. We're going to burn these houses down.
Track Name: Twisted
He knows his heart
but knows not what it wants
'Cause he's so busy controlling it.
But then he got digging. Its been a dark and lonely night.

She knows nothing
Because she knows too much.
Cremating all our care without permission
She does too much scaling of this high and mighty road.

That's all he's ever known (that she existed)
Taking such psycho blows. But he persisted.
Now they're so twisted dwelling on resistance.
Track Name: Ignorance
Why all these deceiving lines?
Whose cause and effect is leaving us blind.
We're lost, we're so lost in hindsight.
With paper hands that turn our necks.
A beast so great won't relent,
with irrelevant roots that have no end.
Belief in a dream will succeed a leadership of thieves.

Oh what a careless machine,
What a hungry beast our mother has seen.

How can everyone know without movement?
The evidence shows, you can prove it!
Apparently I've got some nerve sticking my nose in it.
Well hello.

Ain't ignorance so bliss,
Ain't ignorance so bliss?

But if common knowledge was mistakes made,
We'd take the long way home; should we have our rights known.
We'd have no money, no fear for unsung homes.
Should we live to see fate smile upon, smile upon these.
Should we live to see fate smile upon these...

All these deceiving lines.
Track Name: Mr Winter
The sun; she's slowing down.
The trees feel the chill of the winter wind,
as he rides into town.
Let the fires burn. Boil the blood within our veins,
let the weather turn and bring with it the rain.

All of the kings horses,
Yeah all of the kings men couldn't put my broken body
Back together again.

Well I'm drinking up every last drop
from this cup.

And I hope you know
That everyone was holding much sharper knives.
And I hope you know,
That everyone had you locked in their sights.
And I hope you know that everyone was watching with hungry eyes.
And I hope you know, god I hope you know.

Well I'm drinking up every last drop
from this cup.
Track Name: Lesser Terrestrial
No bodies wander the hall.
So many silent footsteps creeping up
Under the skin to the bone.
But if they, if they don't know.
Then they don't know.

And are we the only ones left in the dark?
And what of these lights that dance with the stars?
Well if you, you, you, if you don't ask,
You'll never know

They'll never bestow a wealth so vast
To an incapable host.
You'll never know, no no.
They'll never bestow. No, no, no.
You'll never know, they'll never bestow.
You'll never know, no no.

And I've got a right mind to think!
And you've got a hunch that suggests another came before
Just to connect all of these links?
Track Name: Tapestry Of The Heart
Woven between the sheets,
Broken and beaten, hoping four seasons,
Would come and go like the last.

And the picture by the lamp,
Tangled up in the threads, between a man and his head,
When he's left to think alone at night.

But a loom still spins,
Our frayed ends so old but I...
Still? How do they still spin?
Threads of gold.

She's lost touch with herself
And he only wants her to notice,
But by the time he's arrived she's gone.

So lovely. Make my day.
Come on girl. Make my day.
Yeah make my day, with that smile of yours.
Of yours.
Track Name: The News
Have you seen the news?
Are you calling out for answers?
It feels like a dream when they're lying.
Oh no.

Do you believe?
All that your told?
Like all your glittering, its your gold!
Well hell young man...

You should be ashamed for all the pointless things you stand for!
Or not, or not. Is that what a real man looks like?

Know we've covered a lot of ground now
After running from inaudible sounds as though we could afford to.
Well I'll admit it, yeah can I admit it?
Am I ready to give back all the things I thought I hoped I had?

Acrimonious satellites!

Good gods please transmission me.
My what bold waves do frack at our heads.

Four walls and a light consuming sheep.
Four walls and vulnerable eye.
Vulnerable eye.
Vulnerable eye.
Track Name: Cheeky Tiger
Cheeky tiger by the window cill.
Biding my time. Biting our time.
I got no argument, no qualm with him,
Oh but we both know he 'aint coming in my kitchen.

Greedy rats feeding their fattest cats,
Drinking up the essence of a world.
So acknowledge this corrupted twist you blue collar passivist,
Lest we end up broken as our mother's spoils.

When I know we don't need them!
Not anymore, when there's so, so little left.
So little left.

We can't pay back what we don't owe,
To a man who owns the world.
We live in times of change,
To right the wrongs passed down from decade to decade.
Don't you know this headache can fade?

When we knew we never needed them.
Not not at all.
There's a path paved for us to walk.
And behind us, when we knew we never needed them.
And what was that unuttered breath?
Unuttered breath.
Track Name: Nevermore
A once white murder of you-know-what.
My old and folded tailor sits in his tailor shop.
No, no, no. The now-crows don't know their maker.
Love to all the haters and a bead of sweat to all their glued knots.

Pick it all apart. Show no hunger little wing.
Mother made us a nest out of hearts.
Flight can be a tricky wim.

You gotta' learn to fly from my heights.
Die or learn quick with trust in such fragile might.
When home is atop a pine, the raven knows nothing,
But the climb.
Track Name: Thirdborn (Acoustic)
Cold and alone she lays in her basket,
Her previous owner thought her to much of a task,
Well who could have known that the daughter of god,
Lay on the steps of a drug dealer's house?

It's up for debate. 'Bout weathering this tidal state.
Helms deep it's swimming in blissful decay.
Oh hell, what's one more day?
What's one more day? The most irate display.

These intelligent mortals greeted by the door,
Wanting more, asking for the girl they've been after.
But for the last of divine, a father, who left long ago...

...From the world that she knows.
Her father left so long ago from the world that she loathes.
She's got a rapture and men in its throes.

Her delicate hand raised.
"Well I've been a trial of human error!" Pleads case.
Watch her now wipe the west. Could you have ever guessed,
That little wide-eyed, wired whore was a god forsaken saviour?

Let her see you pray, let her hear you say,
Sure singin 'I've been such a non-believer up until today! Well?'
Let her see you pray, she's singing,
"You've been such a non-believer up until today! Well now's the time to pray!"
Track Name: Ocean; Inertia
Make a wish so these naive dreams might live.
We're watching severed souls, all these countless souls
That drift in through my room.
Still my empty words won't speak.

When we're over 10,000 fathoms deep,
When it feels like the world is turning underneath this city.
But if we open up your arms, we'll find solace there.
Open up your arms and we'll find solace there.

The pages spoke of a fool, a haunting ghoul,
Who moves through the rooms.
Pitied sighs from hearts of wine and a holy ghost in the room,
only hosting you, but just for one night.

Exponential fear takes flight.
Mind your ready tongue behind lips shut so tight.
Intentional peer to the right,
Down all empty streets lit by candle light.