by Jack Griffin

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An experimental, independently produced EP by Jack Griffin.
-"I set out to create an EP that tried new things & wasn't afraid to experiment. So it has its moments haha. & please, feel free to download this experimental audible journey for free!"


released 05 August 2012

All lyrics & instrumentation written, produced, performed, recorded & mixed by Jack Griffin.




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Jack Griffin Melbourne, Australia

Jack has been a singer/songwriter for over a decade, performing either solo or in bands in front of packed out venues all over Australia and abroad since the ripe age of 10.
Having featured on Italy's MTV, Australia's Toasted TV & Triple J's JTV, Jack's fan base stretches from Mexico to Sweden.
He now produces/performs/mixes/masters his material in his home studio

Pay attention to the lyrics - JG
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Track Name: Cassiopeiae
In a house on fire. In the middle of the living room,
Is a box filled with all the ignorance of fools.

Well I went your way. Following your childish steps all the way.
When I know your name.

Well hold close. We're gonna' burn, we're gonna burn.
Well hold close. We're gonna' burn these houses down.
Track Name: Richest Bones
Beneath a hidden robe. Beneath a breathing number,
crunching helpless bones. And between the words they speak is an honesty that they lack. (oh) Between me and my friends,
we'll bury it atop a nightingale. Atop a leaning tower, tilting towards frail.
And I know this air I breathe; not one breath has been for free,
Between me and my friends.

A day away from here I was igniting several ties.
But now my binds are blinding at a wishing well.
Where great men die.

And now all world can see the misconstruction.
And you think there's no denying the colour of their truth, son?
I'll return the favour back to you once,
You stop submitting to their ruse. (Liar, oh liar).

A day away from here I was igniting several ties.
But now my binds are blinding at a wishing well.
Where great men die.
Track Name: We Are The Crown
But just hear me out. What if what we needed,
Was each other in such stormy weather.
Well I've said, without contest, that such beastly greed has been king,
For decades.

The sky in mourning of young hearts racing.
A solemn warning. Why all this mystery?
(So leaderless & burnt)

"But we'll be okay" - 2 steps forward & three steps backwards.
"But we don't need change" - says your T.V. set.

Well you're done for now. We are the crown.

Never thought that we'd get so far and though all that we are,
Is what we were, well who are we kidding?
Such a system is bound to break! Can't you see the need,
For the reins to change? The cage to shake!